Operations and Maintenance

IOID have a 20 year track record of providing the International Oil Companies operating under the buy-back contractors operations and maintenance services and operations and maintenance staff through our manpower subsidiary Ofogh 2. Our aims are to minimize plant down time and maximize asset life. Based on critical analysis of the production units, we develop customized operation and maintenance strategies for the plant owners. Our experienced teams implement both planned and risk based preventive maintenance programmes along with inspection and monitoring to meet safety and production optimisation objectives of both onshore and offshore production plants. Our services include:

  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up

    • Pre-commissioning & Commissioning - IOID is a pioneer Iranian private company to execute commissioning and start-up of SPD 17A offshore production platform.
    • Plant Start-up and Performance Tests
  • Operations and Maintenance

    • Plant Production Operations and Management- we are currently responsible for the plant maintenance at West of Karoon and assist in production operations of around 13% of national crude oil production
    • Plant Maintenance Services and Management- we are currently responsible for the servicing 105 oil production well heads
    • Onshore Pipeline Maintenance- we currently maintaining 370 Km of export pipelines and flow lines for the West of Karun oil treatment units
    • Rotary Equipment Maintenance
    • Facility Inspection and condition monitoring