Manpower Services (Ofogh2)

In 2011 Ofogh 2 had more than 900 international and Iranian project staff seconded through our Manpower Services business to our customers working across a range of clerical, logistics, commercial, commissioning, production operations and maintenance roles from project secretary through shift supervisor to production superintendent. Ofogh 2 can provide a professional up to date consultation on regulations for staff and contractor recruitment, assist in developing employment strategies for client staff or contractors, source and short list appropriate candidates and undertake contractor recruitment, onboarding, travel to site, induction, training and contract management. Our services include:

  • Manpower strategy development and consultation on Iran's Labor Law, Taxes and SSO
  • Recruitment of qualified personnel to staff positions
  • Secondment of qualified national and expatriate personnel to contract positions
  • Development and delivery of tailored onboarding programmes including pre-assignment medicals, inoculations, client policy counselling, emergency response training, travel to site, provision of accommodation, contractor induction and training
  • Visa and work permits (assistance) checking of insurances and references, contract negotiation and reminders of vaccination boosters, medical checkups, training refreshers and expiration of certifications
  • Payroll Administration and contractor management programmes
  • Provision of life support services